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From James Richardson <james.richard...@db.com>
Subject Re: FOP Weakness
Date Mon, 04 Feb 2002 17:35:48 GMT
Chuck Paussa wrote:

> Performance, FOP takes a lot of memory. To get 200ppm processing, I'm
> estimating 2GB memory on the system + memory for the database and web
> server. Improvements in the memory footprint are scheduled to be started
> "not soon" Hey! What do you want? memory is cheap.

Hmm... Interesting estimates. However, while memory is indeed cheap (at 
least on intel achitectures, for enterprise-grade machines it most 
certainly is not). If you are suggesting a 2GB heap size, the garbage 
collection times will kill you.

I'm experimenting with running Jini services to do the processing (or 
maybe a JavaSpace, later), then we can have as many processors as 
required - not one gigantic process....

I would also suggest in the future trying to make inherently parallel 
tasks run in multiple threads. I have about 8 processors available to 
me, but FOP appears to run in 1 uber-thread.....



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