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From Carlos Araya <car...@cvc.edu>
Subject Re: Lock generated PDF was Re: Security on FOP
Date Tue, 05 Feb 2002 14:08:43 GMT
On 02/05/02 3:08, "ewitness - Ben Fowler" <bfowler@ewitness.co.uk> wrote:

>>> I have a question:
>>> with FOP, Is possible to lock with a password
>>> the PDF Document generated???
>> No.
>> [ snip ]
>> You will have to do some post-processing with other software.
> Is this something that is not implemented? Or something
> that is thought to be not possible or not desirable?
As far as I know it's something that is beyond the capabilities of FOP and
something that should stay there.
> My understanding is that is is possible to both digitally
> sign and encrypt PDF files.
Using Acrobat you can do that and a lot more. However I don't think that's
what Fop was designed for. You can always use Acrobat to polish a document
produced with Fop. 

> This is described in the 'ppk_pdfspec.pdf' downloadable.
The fact that it is on the spec doesn't mean that it has to be implemented
by Fop. Before worrying about encryption and digital signatures, Fop needs
to achieve full conformance to the basic FO specification. Remember, Fop
deals primarily with XSL:Fo and PDF is only one of the output methods.

> Is it known that digital signing needs some form of authorit
> not available to authors of FOP/Apache?
No. If I understand it correctly you can sign your documents with any
public/private key pair. Any cryptographic code may be subject to export
restrictions from the US and maybe other restrictions from other countries

> If so, it should surely be still possible to encrypt/lock
> a document.
Do I hear you volunteering to write the code to do it?

> Ben.

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