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From Balaji Loganathan <balajilog...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Again out of Memory Error
Date Wed, 05 Jun 2002 08:06:08 GMT
Hi Cyril,
  You are right.I did the first step told by you and
by Pietschmann at
my JVM heap size to 256M.Its working now.At one stage
its using 359MB of total memory,i'm using window2000.
 1.Is this the right way to do it ?Is not like
hardcoding? This is fine for single user at
commandline,but when used servlet for multiple request
what will happen?
 2.I don't know how to increase JVM heap size in
Servlets.please help ?
> Second please state how many tables there are in
> your document, and how 
> many pages long the longest table is.
  I'm using single large table.At present its spaning
from 1st page to 97th page.
> Do you use as many page sequences as you can ?
 Here I'm lost.At present I'm generating the whole
table in xsl-region-body with single page-sequence. 
 I read this thread
Why we need to use multiple page sequence ?,please
point me to some full example.
  Too many questions Sorry!!


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