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From Ben Galbraith <bgalbra...@amirsys.com>
Subject CMYK TIFF images and FOP
Date Wed, 02 Jul 2003 21:27:15 GMT
I'm using FOP 0.20.5rc2 and having problems with embedded CMYK TIFF 
images in PDF files.  At some point in the process of generating the 
PDF, FOP converts the CMYK TIFF into an RGB image.  The conversion is 
not a proper one -- it appears as though the fourth channel is dropped 
entirely and the resulting image's colors are *way* off.

When viewed in other programs, the CMYK TIFF looks quite good.

The desired end result is to have the CMYK TIFF embedded in the PDF 
prepatory to sending it to our print shop.

I'm using JAI 1.1.2-RC for my TIFF support.  I've embedded FOP into my 
application.  The JIMI classes are in my CLASSPATH as other code uses 
it; could that be causing this problem?

Any ideas as to what's going on?  I can provide sample images, XSL-FO 
files, and PDF files if desired.



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