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From Ben Galbraith <bgalbra...@amirsys.com>
Subject Re: CMYK TIFF images and FOP
Date Thu, 03 Jul 2003 21:17:57 GMT
I have more information on my CMYK TIFF problem, as described below:

> I'm using FOP 0.20.5rc2 and having problems with embedded CMYK TIFF
> images in PDF files.  At some point in the process of generating the
> PDF, FOP converts the CMYK TIFF into an RGB image.  The conversion is
> not a proper one -- it appears as though the fourth channel is
> dropped entirely and the resulting image's colors are *way* off.

When I run FOP, I see this info message pumped out to the console:

[INFO] Reverting to TIFF image handling through JAI: Error while loading
image file:C:/cat_data/fop/temp/jai1.tif : class
org.apache.fop.image.TiffImage - unsupported samples per pixel value 4

So FOP's native TIFF support doesn't handle CMYK?  Okay, fair enough.  I
then looked at the code in org.apache.fop.image.JAIImage.  I was a bit
surprised to see the following code:

> ColorModel cm = imageOp.getColorModel();
 > this.m_bitsPerPixel = 8;
 > // this.m_bitsPerPixel = cm.getPixelSize();
 > this.m_colorSpace = new ColorSpace(ColorSpace.DEVICE_RGB);

So, unless I'm not understanding the big picture, it looks like once FOP
gives up with its own native support, the image that JAI is loading
better be 8pp RGB, otherwise things are gonna get dicey real quick.

What am I missing?  I thought I'd read in a few places that FOP supports
TIFF CMYK images -- am I mistaken?  If so, is the JPEG CMYK support up
to snuff?  Should I be using that?

Is there any interest in having me fix the JAIImage code or is it the
way it is for a reason?  Or is the plan to wait until the redesign
before addressing JAI support a bit better?

Thanks for your help,


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