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From "Chris Bowditch" <bowditch_ch...@hotmail.com>
Subject Re: JPEG images in Postscript
Date Tue, 01 Jul 2003 15:29:43 GMT
Thanks Jeremias!

>From: Jeremias Maerki <dev.jeremias@greenmail.ch>
>Almost suspected it....I believe it's a bug in the ASCII-85 encoder
>which I've fixed in the redesign but haven't been able to upload, yet.
>I'll be able to fix the bug for the maintenance branch later this week.
>In the meantime you can locally patch PSRenderer.java:
>Change "/ASCII85Decode" to "/ASCIIHexDecode":
>             if (img instanceof JpegImage) {
>                 write("  /DataSource currentfile /ASCIIHexDecode filter 
>/DCTDecode filter");
>and "new ASCII85OutputStream" to "new ASCIIHexOutputStream":
>                 OutputStream out = this.out;
>                 out = new ASCIIHexOutputStream(out);
>                 if (!(img instanceof JpegImage)) {
>That makes the generated files a bit bigger, but at least they work.

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