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From "Victor Mote" <...@outfitr.com>
Subject RE: Website update?
Date Tue, 08 Jul 2003 07:20:58 GMT
Ben Galbraith wrote:

> I believe the FOP website lurks on this list, right?

Most of the developers help maintain the content, but I have probably been
most heavily involved with doc in recent days.

> I have done some further research on exactly what image support FOP
> offers, in efforts to figure out how to embed CMYK images into a
> resultant PDF.  Perhaps this information will be of use to others.

Thanks very much for documenting all of this. I wish we had the resources to
just go fix all of this, but the next best thing is to document it.

> Here's what I've found:
> Native TIFF
> - only supports 1 sample per pixel images
> - only supports "white-is-zero" and RGB photometric interpretation
> (although due to the sample per pixel limitation above, RGB images are
> unsupported)\

I'm no expert here, but I waded through the TIFF spec a bit, and offer the
following paraphrase, which I ask you to either confirm or deny:
<paraphrase>What TIFF calls sample-per-pixel is the number of channels. So
WhiteIsZero can support bi-level and grayscale images through that one
channel. But RGB photometric interpretation needs at least three channels,
and only has 1 to work with, therefore no color. RGB Palette could use that
one channel for a 256-color palette, but it is unsupported. So the bottom
line is that FOP native can't support color TIFF images at all, RGB or

> - appears to support the following compression schemes:
>    - CCITT T.4 bi-level encoding
>    - CCITT T.6 bi-level encoding
>    - JPEG compression
> - images MUST be RGB
> - RGBA appears to be supported to some degree
> - all other support should be consistent with JAI
> - images MUST be RGB
> - RGBA appears to be supported to some degree
> - all other support should be consistent with JAI
> Native JPG
> - grayscale, RGB, and CMYK appear to be supported
> Native BMP
> - images must be RGB
> I can provide more granular information if necessary.  As a result of my
> findings, it is clear that for embedding CMYK images into a resultant
> PDF, JPG is the only game in town.

The rest of this I follow, and will make changes to the website accordingly.
Again, thanks for your efforts here.

Victor Mote

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