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From tango ray <raytan...@yahoo.fr>
Subject re: adding fonts to fop applet
Date Wed, 07 Jul 2004 09:03:10 GMT
I m using the cvs version because I needed the rtf conversion part. Now pdf and rtf conversions
are working well.
I ve integrated the configuration and messaging folders from fop-0.20.5 in my project.
As I told you, in my Convert2PDF.java (examplexml2pdf.java)
I ve added  :
>File userConfigFile = new File("C:\\fop\\userconfig.xml");
>Options options = new Options();
>             options.loadUserconfiguration(userConfigFile);

In the java debug mode, I can see that it get the conf/config.xml in my fop.jar. ( fellowing
the instructions in Options.java... ), but when creating my pdf, I have a "bad /bbox in K3
font". (a codbar font)
I ve tried to add the code in apps.fop  that Simon gave me, but it seems that your Configuration.java
is different, because you create a Configuration userConfig object, and then call methods
getChild and getChildren that are not in my Configuration.java ( fop-0.20.5 version).
 If you can submit it to me....
I think this will resolve the "bad /Bbox in the K3 font", 
Thank you, 
I hope this will help people trying to add fonts in app.

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