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From Glen Mazza <grm7...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: representative example needed
Date Fri, 04 Feb 2005 17:37:02 GMT
--- JBryant@s-s-t.com wrote:
> I was also taken aback by what seems to be a plug
> for RenderX. 

RenderX is, again, a fine company.  It is run by very
talented people of solid integrity.  I have no problem
endorsing them for Ilya, and I'm sure they will be
able to provide her the level of customer support that
she needs.

< FOP does 
> all that I need, so I've never looked at RenderX,

Indeed, as it does for most XSL users, but it won't do
all that *Ilya* needs.  She needs heavy-duty,
customer support, and open source is simply not the
best model for that type of user.

> and this doesn't seem a 
> like a logical forum in which to plug a commercial
> product.

Sometimes unfortunately we have to.  She's doing a
product comparison, and has an evident requirement of
hand-holding customer support that open source simply
can't provide.  (For example, wanting the FOP team to
manually provide examples to her, instead of her going
to the website or the examples/ directory of our
distribution.)  Hence, my recommendation for her to
look for a commercial product.

As for her "Oh I'm continuing to compare FOP and
RenderX...", "the FOP project seems dead...", "Oh,
Glen, did you just call your team incompetent
buffoons", etc., etc., it appears to me just intended
to intimidate the team into providing 24x7 support for
her, as if the FOP world is going to end if she
chooses RenderX instead.  I will not play that game.  

I'm calling her bluff...she's most welcome to go to


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