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From Mike Trotman <mike.trot...@datalucid.com>
Subject Re: Having trouble getting number-columns-spanned to work
Date Sun, 08 May 2005 14:28:30 GMT
Hi Richard.

I use the servlet supplied with FOP (in 
<fopdir>/examples/servlet/build/fop.war) and it works fine.
I'm afraid my Java familiarity is very basic - so can't comment on your 

I use Apache 1.3.27 and Tomcat 5.0.28 and jdk_1_5_0_2

If you are processing an FO file that works fine under FOP 0.20.5 are 
you doing anything in your code that would strip attributes off your 
(as your example has no attributes on any other table-cells - and the 
produced PDF is what you would get if the 'spanned' attributes were not 

Richard Mixon (qwest) wrote:

>Mike Trotman wrote:
>>Your FO code works correctly in my version fo FOP 0.20.5 - the
>>separator rows span 6 columns. 
>>I used the commandline:
>>fop.sh -fo span.fo -pdf span.pdf.
>>As you have a variable for your report header - this suggests to me
>>that you are doing other processing before you actually produce final
>>I use tables and spanning rows / columns almost every day - and have
>>never hit any problems with FOP 0.20.5. *There are other problems
>>with tables - but not with cols/rows spanned.) 
>>I've always downloaded the binary installations - so have never built
>>FOP from source. 
>>I use it on  RedHat 7.3 and  Fedora Core 2
>>Below is the output if I use 'fop.sh -fo span.fo -txt span.txt'
>>What do you get on your system?
>Thank you for checking this out. Basically I am using a 2004/05/29 build
>of FOP and invoking it from a servlet using Tomcat 5.5.7 and Sun JDK 1.5
>sp1. With with FOP 0.20.5 from the command line it works fine.
>And yes, I am doing some processing using JSP/JSTL to generate the
>documents. It is a database report. For problem resolution I tried to
>reduce it to a simple FO document without the JSP/JSTL  - but obviously
>missed a couple of statements. Thanks for noticing - however it still
>processes fine with FOP 0.20.5.
>If you know anything about invoking FOP from a servlet, could you take a
>look at the code below and see if anything appears out of place?  I had
>been using this to process SVG diagrams (wrapped with FO statements of
>course) into PDF for quite a while with no problem. This is my first
>attempt using a straight FO document - but did not believe it should be
>a problem.
>I have also attached the PDF I get as output - but I am not sure if it
>will make it through the list processing, even though its tiny.
>Thank you once again - Richard
><!-- BEGIN FROM servlet ini method, run once at startup -->
>        logger = new ConsoleLogger(ConsoleLogger.LEVEL_DEBUG);
>        transFactory = TransformerFactory.newInstance();
>        imageURLProtocol = getInitParameter("imageURLProtocol");
>        String httpBaseDir = ".";
>        String baseDir =
>        userAgent = new FOUserAgent();
>        userAgent.setBaseURL(imageURLProtocol+baseDir);
><!-- END   FROM servlet ini method, run once at startup -->
><!-- BEGIN FROM servlet doGet method, run once per file I process -->
>        String contentFO = (String)session.getAttribute(attrName);
>        String title;
>        String wrappedContent = contentFO.trim();
>        StringReader sr = new StringReader( wrappedContent );
>        Source inSrc = new StreamSource(sr);
>        String pdfOutName = null;
>        FileOutputStream pdfOut = null;
>        try {
>            Transformer transformer = transFactory.newTransformer();
>            pdfOutName =
>            File tempDir =
>            File pdfOutFile = new File(
>tempDir.getPath()+File.separator+pdfOutName );
>            pdfOutFile.createNewFile();
>            pdfOut = new FileOutputStream( pdfOutFile );
>            Driver driver = new Driver();
>            driver.setRenderer(Driver.RENDER_PDF);
>            driver.setUserAgent(userAgent);
>            driver.initialize();
>            driver.setOutputStream(pdfOut);
>            //Make sure the XSL transformation's result is piped through
>to FOP
>            Result res = new SAXResult(driver.getContentHandler());
>            //Start the transformation and rendering process
>            transformer.transform(inSrc, res);
>            driver.reset();
>            pdfOut.flush();
>            pdfOut.close();
>        } catch (Exception ex) {
>            ex.printStackTrace();
>            throw new ServletException(ex);
>        } finally {
>            File pdfFile = new File( pdfOutName );
>        }
><!-- END   FROM servlet doGet method, run once per file I process -->
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