Thanks Chris,

Is there any way I can include the image without using svg ?
Or I should put it as - How to use the data scheme with FOP ?

Chris Bowditch <>

05/10/2005 01:52 PM
Please respond to

Re: How to prevent SVG Image from caching

Amita Rathore wrote:

> I am using data scheme to insert an image. like this :
> <fo:instream-foreign-object>
>    <svg:svg xmlns:svg=""
> xmlns:xlink="" width="542px" height="506px">
>    <svg:image width="64" height="48"
> xlink:href="SRC="..." />
>    </svg:svg>
> </fo:instream-foreign-object>

Well I believe the problem is that the image is inside the SVG and therefore
handled by Batik rather than FOP. Not sure how you can tell Batik not to cache
the images. Perhaps some of the other committers can help.


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