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From Andreas L Delmelle <a_l.delme...@pandora.be>
Subject Re: height of instream-foreign-object
Date Mon, 17 Oct 2005 23:25:20 GMT
On Oct 17, 2005, at 22:20, robert frapples wrote:


> I'm using instream-foriegn-objects and svg to attempt to have  
> rotated text. it seems that i cannot set the height of the instream- 
> foreign-object any smaller than whatever it decides to use, so my  
> letters are all spaced out. how can I get the instream-foreign- 
> object to not be taller than its content?

I'm not sure I'm getting the point completely. Why do you insist on  
creating separate instream-foreign-objects for the different  
characters in the first place? IMO, the problem would practically  
solve itself if you could put all the text inside one i-f-o, no?

The effect you get right now is that of a different block being  
created for each i-f-o, the default height of which is always the  
line-height (1.2em IIC). AFAICT, the only way to manipulate the  
height would be to specify a different font-size/line-height for each  
created block --but then again, this seems somewhat suboptimal. I  
think you'll fare far better with putting all of the characters  
inside one single instream-foreign-object.



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