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From "Tracey Zellmann" <tracey.zellm...@comcast.net>
Subject relative addressing of font metrics file
Date Mon, 06 Mar 2006 18:00:37 GMT
Dirk Bromberg was able to help me earlier today with a typo in my font 
metrics url address. I have evrything workkng now. However, I am not sure 
how to get relative addressing to work. I can succeed with absolute 
addressing since I control where the files are placed. I would feel better, 
though, if I could get the relative address to succeed.

Right now, I have both the fop.xconf file and the ttfcm.xml file in the same 
folder conf, under the main application folder SoundEvaluation. From within 
my program, I can get the configuration file with cfg = 

The sample configuration file includes comments that say that relative 
config url's will be resolved relative to the location of this file. My 
first assumption was that the font metrcis url would therefore be:
<font metrics-url="file:///ttfcm.xml"/> but that did not work.

I have tried other paths, building up to the absolute path which finally 
does work

I must be missing something about the sytax or format of the relative path. 
Can someone guide me?


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