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From David <achepat...@yahoo.es>
Subject Re: Java Result: 2 Why?
Date Fri, 05 May 2006 11:54:23 GMT
Dear Glen Mazza and others,

Glen Mazza <gmazza@apache.org> wrote:    >More detective work seems needed. Have
you tried to create the 
absolutely most minimal Docbook document possible, to see if the error 
still occurs? This would help determine if the problem is in the text 
(in which case, you can slowly zoom in on the problematic XML by adding 
more of your original text in) or your Docbook setup.
  I did that, it is not my first docbook, more precisly I have problems with only one chapter
of my document. The problem doesn't comes with the docbook syntax, because when I have isolated
the paragraph, I was surpised that simply changing a particular URL it get the error. I suspect
that it is a problem about fitting into page the text and not a particular docbook syntax.
  If you want I can sent you the original document, if we find the problem then I will write
into the mailing list the result of our investigation, :-)
  I get perfectly the HTML document, my problem comes with the PDF document. I have tried
to convert the HTML document into PDF using Adobe Acrobat Professional and it works.

>Also, I think there is a fop.extensions parameter[1] that needs to be 
set for Docbook when you are using our processor. The Docbook-Apps 
mailing list may be able to help you more on this topic, unless someone 
else here also knows.
  on Docbook there is a clear message for preventing posting messages related with style and
other companions tools like this. On my case, I guess there is no a docbook question, because
I can generates the HTML file.

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