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From "Debasish Jana" <debasi...@anshinsoft.com>
Subject FOP 0.92 Beta : Performance related question
Date Fri, 12 May 2006 04:54:28 GMT


I have a question related to performance issues. How large an xsl-fo file
can be? How large volume it can support?

I have an application that fetched approx. 60,000 records fetched from
database an populates in a fo:table-cell as text. Basically, it uses the
following block of fo-tags repeatedly to populate a huge chunk of data. 

<fo:table-row height="42pt" >
<fo:table-cell >

<fo:block><fo:block text-align="left">
<fo:inline ...>
Some data

My specific questions are:

- Can you suggest a shortcut so that fo-tags can pull data from the database
- What is the best suggested approach to handle large volume of data passed
embedded inside fo-tags?

We can think of the following:

- Have a streaming fo input to the FOP renderer to generate PDF. Can you
provide a sample code to handle FOP rendering to PDF from a FO file through

- We were reading a link in FOP documents, it says "To minimize the amount
of memory used by FOP, we wish to recycle FO Tree memory as much as
possible. There are at least three possible places that FO Tree fragments
could be passed to the Layout process, so that their memory can be reused:

fo:block , fo:root and fo:page-sequence 

Could you please clarify with some supporting examples or some link that we
can read to get the guideline?

My last question: Is FOP designed to handle large volumes like this?

Please reply soon. We are standing of major decision based on your answer.

Thanks in advance,


Debasish Jana

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