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From Hugues Leonardi <hugues.leona...@wanadoo.fr>
Subject pdf files weight problem
Date Wed, 03 May 2006 22:21:07 GMT
Hello list,

Excuse me for my poor english, but it is so far...
I'am learning to use xml docbook and xsl transformation. My aim is to 
convert xml docbook files to xsl-fo files (with saxon for the moment) 
and then xsl-fo files to pdf files using fop.
For pdf output, I successively use  fop 0.20.5, fop 0.92 beta and 
fop-trunk built with sources files (2006 may 03rd  )
My xml docbook file have links to external png graphics.
Fop 0.92 beta and fop-trunk are configured with the same userconfig.xml 
file (see attached file)
The pdf files I obtain with fop 0.92 beta or fop-trunk have the same 

But the problem is they are much greater than pdf file produced with fop 
0.20.5. The ratio is 4. However, the compression using zlib flate is on.

I have tested on other xml docbook file with external graphics links and 
it is the same thing.

I have read some documentation but I didn't find  a way to reduce the 
files weight  produced with fop 0.92 or trunk.

Please, can anyone help me to find the solution ?

Thanks in advance

Hugues Leonardi

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