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From jelka.ko...@atol.si
Subject Re: DOMImplementation method not found
Date Fri, 10 Nov 2006 10:36:43 GMT

I will just write a note that I succeeded to create fo -> pdf with fop 
beta 0.92 on Domino 6.5.2 June 01, 2004 with java 1.3

I copied all needed *.jar in the Domino/jvm/lib/ext directory

in notes.ini I've put:

Before I've put this to my notes.ini I was getting the same exception 
(DOMImplementation method not found) 

Did this not work for you?

Bye, Jelka

Tobias.Soloschenko@TIMETOACT.DE wrote on 27.10.2006 16:23:09:

> Jeremias Maerki <dev@jeremias-maerki.ch> wrote on 27.10.2006 15:52:10:
> > No. FOP needs the namespace feature for the DOM if it wants to support
> > stuff like XMP metadata. So if the DOM implementation in Notes 6.5
> > doesn't have that feature and can't be replaced you're out of luck. 
> > can try to disable the whole XMP stuff in the source code because you
> > probably don't need it anyway, but FOP may simply crash in a different
> > place later. 
> Ok, I think I'm not going to try it this way - if fop could crash in 
> cases. 
> > That sounds very very ugly. Notes 6.5 is also rather old. Maybe you
> > should consider upgrading if you also upgrade FOP. Furthermore, J2SE 
> > at the end of the end-of-life phase. We may even drop support for J2SE
> > 1.3 at some point because it gets in our way more and more. 
> There are a lot of bigger companys which use notes R6 and I think they 
> don't want to offer a lot of money to upgreate to R7. 
> -> I think the only thing I could do is to stick on Version 0.20.5. That 

> Version is working for me very well, even in R6 (6.5.1) 
> > 

> > 
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