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From Tavmjong Bah <tavmj...@free.fr>
Subject Supressing blank pages in double sided output
Date Fri, 15 Dec 2006 22:06:44 GMT


	I am trying to suppress blank pages between chapters in DocBook source
processed by xsltproc. I am using a modified fo/pagesetup.xsl file
following the advise in


This inserts initial-page-number="auto" (instead of "auto-odd") for each
chapter after the first. Processing the fo file with fop-0.90alpha
doesn't produce unwanted blank pages but using fop-0.91beta or later
does produce the pages. Is this a problem with fop? Am I doing something
wrong? The input fo file is attached.



Fedora Core 6
java version "1.5.0_09"
Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition (build 1.5.0_09-b03)
Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build 1.5.0_09-b03, mixed mode, sharing)

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