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From Martin Zak <martin....@gingerall.com>
Subject PNG transparency renders as black
Date Thu, 07 Dec 2006 15:09:18 GMT
Hi all,
I had to go for a trunk version of FOP due to some fixes available in 
this version.
Unfortunately it seems I came to the bug which was introduced in some of 
the new versions.

When including PNG image containing transparent areas (using 
fo:external-graphic), the image is corrupted.
The transparent area is rendered in black and also the image itself 
seems to doubled while shifted down (see the sample).
I used the same image with the FOP binary from November 13th, and the 
result was ok.
Also the size of the resulting pdf differs a lot (141kB with old/correct 
version against 37kB with new/wrong).

(BTW how do I find the build version when fop says "FOP Version 
svn-trunk" ?? Where to look for the version info?)

Any idea what could change?
(we use fop in production and got to troubles after the update :| )

png_transparency_good.pdf   [pdf generated with fop trunk of November 13th]
png_transparency_wrong.pdf    [pdf generated with fop trunk of today 
(December 7th)]


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