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From jelka.ko...@atol.si
Subject How to plug in Error Handling in Fop beta
Date Tue, 12 Dec 2006 09:16:51 GMT
Hi !

I was looking trough the mailing list, I am sure this question was already 
answered but I cannot find the specific mail.

I use fop as embedded in a Notes / Domino Agent.

I would need to implement error handling, for example when Error is 
produced in process of transformation xml to pdf
I would need fop to throw exception so I could catch it in my Embedded 
agent and process further on.

I also set up logging with Log4J and I would like in case of error in fop 
transformation to dump the contents of xml file to error log 
(to be able to reproduce the error).

As I am not familiar in Java programming as much I am looking for any 
documentation I would follow to
set up error handling as described.

Could someone be so kind and instruct  me on this matter (maybe paste a 
useful link if there is any)?

Thank you

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