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From "Khaled Aly" <ka....@luxsci.net>
Subject RE: proper fop command line
Date Sat, 03 Nov 2007 21:09:16 GMT
Hi Vincent

Just having reduced the FO to the table where the problem was, I found there
was an error on my behalf. While every other row had two cells, the header
row where the problem was had only one cell with the empty block. With two
cells as should be, and at least one of them non-empty, a good pdf output is
generated. But when I made both cell blocks empty, there is the same error I
mentioned before - without the "Replacing GU in slot..." lines.

In spite of my error, I note:

- FOP 0.94 should still have accepted two cells each with an empty block,
according to Andreas statement.
- The initial incorrect layout of one cell with an empty block was processed
ok by FOP 0.93. 
- FO validates well in all cases.

I attach the reduced FO, console error response, and the good PDF with just
one empty block.

Thanks for taking interest. 


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| From: Vincent Hennebert [mailto:vincent.hennebert@anyware-tech.com] 
| Sent: Friday, November 02, 2007 11:59 AM
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| Subject: Re: proper fop command line
| Sorry that I didn't follow the thread very closely. Do you 
| still have the error messages that appear on your console 
| screenshot ("Replacing GU in slot...")?
| If yes, then this is not related to bug #43766. Please post 
| the FO file (obfuscated, if needed) that causes the error. It 
| will probably help us spot and correct a weird bug.
| Thanks,
| Vincent
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