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From Andreas L Delmelle <a_l.delme...@pandora.be>
Subject Re: Would an extension to print Gantt charts work?
Date Fri, 02 Nov 2007 10:09:25 GMT
On Nov 2, 2007, at 00:24, Fred Janon wrote:

<snip />
> I have a database with task objects with their name, start/end  
> dates, completion, etc. I want to compose (to print it via pdf,  
> PCL) a large document (10+ pages) containing a Gantt chart composed  
> of a table with rows of text and numbers, bars (graphics), columns  
> with dates, a legend and some notes, in a very similar way as  
> Microsoft Project. FOP would help me formatting the document  
> (margin, centering...) and with the pagination after I compose an  
> XML document that describes the content of the document but not the  
> pagination? FOP could generate the pdf document for example with 10  
> pages and the page number with my content segmented on each page?  
> Would I have to create an extension to draw the graphics for the  
> task bars?
> Sorry about all these basic questions, but I have the feeling that  
> FOP can save us a lot of time in our project but it's always  
> difficult to figure out the use and limits of a technology without  
> spending quite some time on it and I don't have much of that.

What you could also do, instead of going the extension path  
completely, is to try and translate the Gantt-chart into a native XSL- 
FO table. First column contains the task name, the others represent  
the plot-range. Either make it a table with a very high-number of  
columns (native FO), or only two: one for the task-name, the second  
to contain the Gantt-bar for each task (the Gantt-bar could still be  
generated by an fo:instream-foreign-object).

Just my 2 cents



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