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From "Steve Protulipac" <sprotuli...@acclamation.com>
Subject font, spacing, and line height
Date Mon, 03 Mar 2008 21:58:47 GMT

 <<lineheight_2col-fo.ZIP>> Hello,

I have an input file which includes block-level font-family attributes
as well as font-family attributes for the inline children of each block.
The line height in the output is not what I expected, and it's different
from the output produced when I omit the font-family from the blocks.

I've been investigating the layout process for a while, and it appears
to me that the line area space-before and space-after are computed using
the block font while the BPD of the line area is computed using the
inline font.

Please refer to the attached FO and PDF output for a stripped-down
version of my input with and without the block-level font.  This output
was produced using FOP trunk, but the 0.94 output is the same.

Is there a problem with the layout process, or could you tell me what's
wrong with my expectations for the output line height?


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