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From "Fournier,Danny [NCR]" <Danny.Fourn...@ec.gc.ca>
Subject RE: Rendering times keep increasing until timeout
Date Mon, 14 Apr 2008 20:02:40 GMT
> >>>
> >>> I'm the only one using a lab server and when I run my PDF 
> rendering 
> >>> (XML>XSL>PDF), from one rendering time to the other it will
> >> increase
> >>> significantly.
> >>>
> >> Which FOP version?
> >
> > 0.94
> >
> >> Are these runs performed in sequence, or do some get processed 
> >> concurrently?
> >
> > In Sequence
> OK, in that case my question about logging is probably not 
> relevant (although, we did receive confirmation recently that 
> reducing log- messages can have quite an effect on the 
> processing-speed).

How do I disable logging? I'm using the embedding example (xml and xsl)
provided on Apache's site. Anything that could make this go faster, the
better IMO.

> As to what exactly /is/ causing a performance drain of that 
> magnitude in isolated runs, I must honestly say that I am now 
> a bit clueless.
> Any chance you can try with FOP 0.95beta? No guarantee that 
> this will help, though...

Will keep this in mind.

> Also, is there anything you can find out using the monitoring 
> tools that are distributed with Coldfusion?
> In case you're wondering: I got this info from a fact-sheet, 
> and have absolutely no experience with developing in CF, 
> unfortunately.
> I have no idea what CF does when it 'executes Java code' 
> (which JVM, if any, is used, etc.)

I will try this first though. As I don't have direct access to those
tools, I will have to try and enlist someone from the IT support group
to help me out. I'll report back any relevant findings.

Thanks for the insights...


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