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From Dale P. Smith <dalepsm...@gmail.com>
Subject docbook bookmarks and xpdf
Date Tue, 09 Sep 2008 19:39:55 GMT
Howdy fop people.

Using dockbook and the dockbook-xsl stylesheets, along with setting the
fop1.extensions parameter to '1', I'm seeing some ugliness in xpdf.  It has been
a long long adventure figuring out what is causing this and where the bug is.

It happens when xpdf sees the 0xFF and 0xFE chars as chars and not as a byte
order mark.  It would be happy if the bytes were swapped.

Now, my reading of the spec seems to indicate that only UTF-16BE is allowed.

So.  I'm thinking it's a bug in fop.  Not sure where.  There seems to be code
that writes out Big Endian UTF-16 properly.


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