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From Artur Zinatullin <ar...@webmedia.ee>
Subject Re: table, keep-with-*, placing of page breaks
Date Mon, 20 Apr 2009 13:11:12 GMT

 AZ>> I have a problem with fo:table. FOP version 0.95
 AZ>> I am presenting certain objects in line rows, so there is two lines 
per object.
 AZ>> First line has some data on it, the other one is blank space for uset
 AZ>> to write the nothes regarding given object like
 AZ>> <fo:table-cell number-columns-spanned="12" ...>
 AZ>> <fo:block>Notes</fo:block>
 AZ>> </fo:table-cell>
 AZ>> My intention is to keep the two rows always together on one page.
 AZ>> So, I put, naturally, keep-with-next="always" on first fo:table-row or
 AZ>> keep-with-previous="always"on the second.
 AZ>> That does the trick, but the pagination starts acting wierd.
 AZ>> It breaks page_before_the_last after just a fiew rows so, the last 
 AZ>> is always filled top to bottom. That doesn't look good at all.
 AZ>> I'd apreciate some workaround.
 AE> Have you tried putting number-rows-spanned="2" on the table-cell as 
 AE> That should avoid the need for the keep altogether, I think.
It has, indeed, solved the problem, when I added a zero-width column,
wich hangs into second row. It feels a bit smelly hack, bu it works :)

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