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From Andreas Delmelle <andreas.delme...@telenet.be>
Subject Re: JRE and AWT
Date Tue, 07 Apr 2009 18:26:31 GMT
On 07 Apr 2009, at 19:55, Rich wrote:


Good to see you've figured out the correct mail-address!
I was just typing a response to your post that came through via fop- 
users-owner@ as I noticed this one.

>   I am investigating FOP as an XSL-FO.  My background in Java is a  
> bit dated.
>   An appealing way to print resulting documents would be use the - 
> print option, which I understand would engage java print support  
> (via AWT) and would have all the operating system recognized fonts  
> at its disposal, including barcode fonts.

That should indeed be the case.

>   Another option would be to use -pcl, since all our customer  
> printers are PCL printers.  (I have had success with my preliminary  
> tests of -pcl.)

One thing to beware of are limitations of FOP's support for either  
format. I cannot immediately judge which of the two renderers is more  
actively maintained...
That said, we do get occasional questions about their usage and small  
patches for improvement.

>   Could anyone explain the relative performance difference between - 
> pcl and -print?

Not sure... Do you mean you have compared, and noticed a difference,  
or are you just asking whether there is any at all? In the latter  
case, I haven't run comparative benchmarks myself lately, but I'd  
expect PCL to be slightly faster and more light-weight (more direct?)
The downside is obviously that you're stuck to one single output  
format. Java AWT Print will support whatever printer is registered  
with the OS (aside from the usual driver-quirks for exotic models),  
while the target device for PCL must of course be capable to  
understand it... Suppose your customer decides to throw HP out of the  
window at one point...? Luckily, it is rather easy to tell FOP to  
render to another format, like PostScript which is also understood by  
a wide range of printers.

> Is full Java necessary to use -print?
> What precisely is needed for AWT support for printing?

I'm not up to speed as to the exact requirements.
Do you have a specific target environment in mind with certain  
limitations? (A headless server, for example? Should be no problem,  



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