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From "Christopher R. Maden" <cr...@maden.org>
Subject Re: Sobtotal per Page
Date Fri, 17 Jul 2009 14:14:27 GMT
Carsten B. wrote:
> Is this in possible in any way. I would do something like that in JS or
> Java.

This is the root of your problem.  XSLT is not like JS or Java.  Those
languages are procedural, while XSLT is a declarative language.

Think about this processing model: the XSLT processor walks over the
input XML, executing the appropriate templates for each node it finds.
Now think about this model: the XSLT processor collects all the nodes in
the input XML, then fires up a separate thread for every single one to
find and execute the appropriate template.  The results should be the same.

That means that your XSLT needs to be able to determine the subtotal for
the 30,000th item in complete ignorance of what the subtotal was for the
29,999th item.

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