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From Chris Joelly <chris-m-li...@joelly.net>
Subject Re: Use of AWTRenderer/Java2dRenderer
Date Fri, 08 Jan 2010 12:15:03 GMT
Hi Peter,

unfortunately this seems to be more complicated then i have expected :)
I think i do not understand the renderer and its specific purpose

If i subclass the AWTRenderer and build my own renderer from it, and
then i set the renderer to the fouseragent, am i able to build whatever
component i like (jpanel, jframe...) and the renderer calls the
paintComponent method feeding in the rendered pdf image data?
And from that point i can place and do with the image data what i want?

hm. :)


On Don, Jän 07, 2010, Peter Hancock wrote:
> Hi Chris,
>     I think it should be able to fetch the images of the pdf pages out of
>     the renderer and display in my own frame and image component?
> This is what PreviewPanel does with help from ImageProxyPanel.   If you want to
> resize the embedded PreviewPanel you call setScaleFactor method on it.  You can
>   listen for resizing events of your parent window, and resize the Panel
> accordingly.
> I hope this helps,
> Peter

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