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From Vincent Hennebert <vhenneb...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: vertical line (advanced)
Date Wed, 03 Feb 2010 11:05:12 GMT
Hi Georg,

Georg Datterl wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> On a two-column layout I want to draw
> * a vertical line between the columns
> * which is invisible, if content spans both columns
> * and is invisible, if the distance between two spanning blocks is smaller than X mm.
> At the moment I use a background svg for drawing the line. Blocks which span two columns
get a background-color="white" and overwrite the line. That's fine for the first two requirements,
But if I have two headlines spanning the whole page, separated by a space-before and a space-after,
the headlines overwrite the line, but in the space between the headlines, there's a short
part of the line visible. I guess with the background-image solution, there's nothing I can
do (padding-before and -after would overwrite the line, but then the space resolution would
change). Can you think of a solution that would meet all three requirements?

Maybe you can provide us with an illustration of the different
situations you encounter.

Using padding looks like the solution to me, but I guess that in some
cases you want the space between the spanning block and surrounding
elements to be reduced to zero? In which case you obviously can’t use

You could fake the elastic space with an empty block-container of
variable height:
    <fo:block-container background-color="white"
but my little experiments showed that the blocks wouldn’t shrink or
expand as proper spaces would.

I guess you could achieve something by analysing the area tree and
creating appropriate SVG background images for those pages that need it.
Haven’t tried though.


> Regards,
> Georg Datterl
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