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From Johannes Caspary <johannes.casp...@cms.hu-berlin.de>
Subject Re: Re: Problem with absolute positioning with block-container
Date Fri, 05 Feb 2010 14:58:14 GMT
Hi Pascal,

thanks a lot for your hint with the font-size! I succeeded in placing 
the folding marks correctly by using a construction like this:

	<fo:block />

The distance from the top of the page has to be reduced by the width of 
the block-container's border. As the block-container mustn't be empty, I 
added an empty fo:block that does no harm.


Pascal Sancho wrote:
> Hi Johannes,
> Your fo:block-containers are set at the right place.
> fo:leader that you uses are correctly positioned, but since there is a
> non-zero font-size (and non-zero font-height), you cannot have the
> fo:leader exactly at the top of the fo:b-c.
> Instead, you should use an empty fo:b-c with a border-top on it rather
> than fo:leader.
> HTH,
> Pascal
> Johannes Caspary a écrit :
>> Dear list,
>> I was preparing an XSL template for formatting a letter that conforms 
>> the standard DIN 676. As the standard is very clear about the absolute 
>> position of e.g. the address information to display in the window of the 
>> envelope or the folding marks, I decided to use block-container absolute 
>> positioning for these items.
>> Thus, I tried to make up a very basic stylesheet that contains the 
>> folding marks at 105mm, 148,5mm and 210mm from top. Also, I included the 
>> window for the address which is positioned at 20mm from the left and 
>> 45mm from top.
>> The curious thing about the processed PDF document is, that the top 
>> positioning is about 3mm too far away from the top for the folding 
>> marks, while the window top is positioned just fine. Also it seems that 
>> the left positioning is not exact either, as there the distance to the 
>> left is 1mm to little for the window.
>> I have set the margins to 0mm and used the absolute-position="fixed" 
>> attribute.
>> You'll find a sample XML file, the XSL file and the PDF output file 
>> attached. I have no idea, what else I could do. Am I missing something? 
>> I really don't want to enter virtual proportions so that the letter will 
>> look good when printed out.
>> Thanks and regards,
>> Johannes Caspary

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