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From "Steffanina, Jeff" <Jeff.Steffan...@marriott.com>
Subject Last-Page text Overlaps Region-Body Text
Date Wed, 08 Sep 2010 12:20:31 GMT

Last week you all helped me resolve my "last-page" issue.  Great!   I
thought I was finished but here is a new twist.

My region-body runs to the bottom of a page (1 inch from the bottom).
The region-body only contains the detail rows of a table.  This works
perfectly.  However, on the last page, the summary block needs to print
about 4 inches (this will vary) from the bottom of the page.  Therefore,
when the region-body fills the last page with table output, the summary
block prints on top of the region-body table output.

Here is the start of my last-page code:
 <fo:block id="last-page" line-height=".14in"
linefeed-treatment="preserve" white-space-collapse="false"
   <fo:block-container position="absolute" top="4.2in" left=".01in">
     <fo:block font-size="10pt">
       <fo:external-graphic src="url('java/images/FI_Graybar.jpg')"
        width="7in" height="0.7in"

   <fo:block-container position="absolute" top="4.3in" left=".4in">
          <fo:block linefeed-treatment="preserve"             
                  line-height=".14in" white-space-collapse="false"

                  font-size="9pt" font-weight="bold">         
  <xsl:text>        Current                        31 - 60
61 - 90                       Over 90
Total Due

How can I prevent the last-page output from printing over the
region-body output??


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