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Hi Adam,
Without producing a working version by myself:
I’d make the marker retrieve-marker look forward, not back. It should print “the next available marker”.
The marker itself I would put at the end of the table. And inside the table, not outside in a block of its own.
As you found out on the first page, what if a table starts at a page? In that case you can put an empty marker in the block which is responsible for the header between tables. If the table starts at a new page, the first marker found is the empty marker and no second headline is printed. Disadvantage: When scrolling through the pages, the upper end of the printed area jumps. If you want to avoid THAT too, we would have to think about a totally different solution, I guess.
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Gesendet: Donnerstag, 2. September 2010 10:31
Betreff: Re: AW: AW: AW: Table with spanned-row-header in 2 columned region-body
Hi Georg!
 thanks a lot for the great ideas!
Markers are really my friends... unfortunately I don't know how to use them correct in my situation.
I cant get the right header to the right page. It must be the configuration of the: retrieve-marker...
(I tried any combination I could...)
                 <fo:retrieve-marker retrieve-class-name="tableHeader" 
I attached my current result. The problems are:
- 1. page there should be no marker...
- 2. page should be red and not blue...
- 3. page blue header missing....
If you can tell me how to use the retrieve marker in this situation it would solve my problem! 
Thanks a lot in advance!!!
(attched are again XSL/FO and PDF)