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From Alexios Giotis <alex.gio...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: is it possible to run out of memory
Date Tue, 20 Sep 2011 15:00:56 GMT
Hi Theresa, 

Which JVM you use ? Do you define a max heap size or do you let the Java 5 ergonomics select
this for you based on the system ?

Some time ago I had a similar problem, the CPU was 100% and the PDF was never produced. After
some hard time investigating it, I concluded that the problem was simply that the Sun JVM
did not have enough heap size. Increasing it, fixed the issue. I guess you will be wondering,
so why I don't get an OutOfMemoryException ... Well, the profiling and some stacktraces I
was taking during the execution, showed that the process was entering a loop where objects
were allocated, cached as WeakReferences, then the memory was getting low, the GC was removing
them and then again new objects were allocated.

Hope this helps,
Alexios Giotis

On Sep 19, 2011, at 11:41 AM, Theresa Jayne Forster wrote:

> I have a fop engine running on a windows server.
> Single core AMD - 2GB ram
> Whenever I try to generate a specific PDF it locks up and goes to 100% CPU
> But using the same engine locally on my
> Quad Core – 4GB ram
> It runs fine and generates the PDF,
> Any idea what could be causing that and how can I resolve it so this one document works
fine on the single core machine.
> The same template generates other documents fine its just one input xml that has a lot
of text and images.
> Kindest regards
> Theresa Forster
> Senior Software Developer
> theresa@inbrand.co.uk
> www.inbrand.co.uk
> Tel: 01483 266500
> <image001.png>
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