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From Valentina Cupac <valentina.cu...@tp.rs>
Subject Re: Changes in pdf tiff compression configuration has no effect on size of pdf generated
Date Tue, 28 Jan 2014 13:10:35 GMT

I wasn't exactly sure what should be configured in the pdf rendering
settings. (The goal is to have no compression applied to tiff images which
are included in pdf output), so I tried some possible changes, listed below.

My raw images are about 200KB.
The generated pdf file (images - tiff, png + a bit of text) is 3MB.

The good thing is that now the images are not compressed (I'm assuming that
occurs since the pdf is now larger, the effect comes from here: <filterList

However, the interesting part is that the pdf file is now much larger than
the size of the original images. Is this an expected effect?

=== Current configuration ===

    <renderer mime="application/pdf">
        <!-- provides compression using zlib flate (default is on) -->

        <!-- encodes binary data into printable ascii characters (default
             This provides about a 4:5 expansion of data size -->
        <!-- <value>ascii-85</value> -->

        <!-- encodes binary data with hex representation (default off)
             This filter is not recommended as it doubles the data size -->
        <!-- <value>ascii-hex</value> -->


    <renderer mime="application/pdf">
          <filterList> <value>flate</value> </filterList> <filterList
type="image"> <value>null</value> </filterList>

Could you let me know if there are any other settings I could try

2014-01-28 Registar Man <szeak33@gmail.com>

> Hi!
> The image/tiff renderer configuration settings only works when you
> generate tiff output not pdf.
> For PDF rendering settings you must configure in the pdf renderer section.
> Bye, Csaba
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