Yes, by default JPEG CMYKs are converted to sRGB if the color profile is embedded in the image (I had not tried with JPEG CMYKs embedded in SVG but I think that also there the images are processed by FOP ). The reason this is done is due to the fact that the standard Java JPEG handling functions cannot handle CMYK. So FOP converts CMYK to sRGB to be able to embed the image with "acceptable" colors.

The solution is to use a ImageIO library that can handle CMYK in JPEGs. The "default" jai_imageio.jar cannot handle that either. The only one I know is the TwelveMonkeys ImageIo. I tested it with JPEGs and also TIFF and it worked well. See

On 1/28/14, 9:09 PM, Matthias Reischenbacher wrote:

I've noticed that JPEGs with DeviceCMYK color space, embedded in SVGs, are converted to sRGB when generating a PDF file. Does that happen with all kind of JPEG CMYKs? How are embedded bitmaps processed? Is that done by Batik and that's way its handled differently than normal fo:external-graphic CMYK-JPEGs?

Thanks for any clarification on this matter... I've attached a sample SVG file.

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