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From Roberto Nunnari <r...@nunnari.net>
Subject Re: page number, but only if more than one page exists
Date Tue, 24 Mar 2015 11:12:11 GMT
Thank you all! :-)

Now I have a couple of alternatives to work on.

Best regards.

Il 22.03.2015 23:21, Luis Bernardo ha scritto:
> Try using a mix of page masters with different page positions (see 
> http://www.w3.org/TR/xsl/#page-position).
> You will need a page master with page-position="only" without the
> page number, and a page master with page numbers when there is more
> than one page (i.e. when page-position="only" does not apply).
> On 3/22/15 10:43 PM, Roberto Nunnari wrote:
>> On 22. 03. 15 17:30, Roberto Nunnari wrote:
>>> Hi.
>>> I need to change a servlet that generates a FO document and
>>> then transforms it into a pdf document. Unfortunately I know
>>> almost nothing about Formatting Objects. :-(
>>> At present the FO adds the page number on every page.
>>> I need to change it so that it adds the page number, but only
>>> if there are more than one page.
>>> fop version in use is very old.. 0.91beta and build-Id is from
>>> 20051223
>>> Any help very appreciated.
>>> Thank you and best regards. Robi
>> Hi.
>> I got a slightly better result than having only the number using 
>> <page-number /> / <page-number-citation ref-id="last-page"/>
>> and adding an empty block at the end of the flow.. <block
>> id="last-page"/>
>> It works.. and it's already better than having just the page
>> number because seeing also the total number of pages lets you
>> know if you have in your hands the whole document or not.. but
>> it's not exactly what I was asked to do..
>> Any hints on how to accomplish the original goal? Thank you and
>> best regards. Robi

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