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From Marc Wiest <Marc.Wi...@getAbstract.com>
Subject FOP hyphenate-ladder-count and pre-hyphenated text
Date Wed, 06 May 2015 11:40:51 GMT
I have the requirements of
1. allow adding hyphenation exceptions at runtime (web container)
2. don't hyphenate more than two successive lines in a paragraph

For 1. the only solution I found is to use a third-party library to add the actual soft-hyphens
in the text, instead.
This has other benefits for me, including that I can use hyphenation in other places than
PDF generation, so I prefer this separation.
But if anyone knows a way to add exceptions for words at runtime, I would be highly interested
how to do that.

Since I solved 1. Using a new library for adding soft-hyphens into the text, 2. doesn't work
anymore. My XSL contains hyphenation-ladder-count="2" attributes on all relevant blocks, which
does the trick when passing text without soft-hyphens and relying on FOP hyphenation entirely.
But it does nothing if I don't use FOP to hyphenate the words. In general, hyphenation works,
though, like the soft-hyphens in the text are taken into account. But it happens that 6 or
more successive lines are hyphenated, which is deemed bad style.

Any input would be appreciated.


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