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From Marc Wiest <Marc.Wi...@getAbstract.com>
Subject RE: FOP hyphenate-ladder-count and pre-hyphenated text
Date Fri, 08 May 2015 06:59:34 GMT
> Seems like some refactoring may be in order here, to streamline and better merge the two
> @Marc: Will you log a request for enhancement in JIRA for this, or shall I?

@Andreas: thank you very much for that thorough feedback and insight into how it all works.
It's the way I suspected it to be :( I would appreciate you making the request, because you,
for sure, can articulate the problem more accurately and precisely than I ever could.
Thinking this will take a while until it's actually working in a proper release, I'll probably
have to find another solution, then - at least in the meantime.
But thanks for taking this serious.

I'll see if I find the time to pull the source code and see if I can fix problem 1. myself
(being able to add hyphenation exception to the actual FOP hyphenation system at runtime)
and send a pull request - if I manage to find a solution that seems to be general enough to
serve other people, too.
My idea would be to
1. Create or find a public Java-method for building .hyp files from (updated) .xml hyphenation
patterns - containing the exceptions, so this could be done on-the-fly. As I understand, this
is now part of the build process of FOP.
2. Add a way to specify a file-system location for the hyphenation files, rather than using
the classspath (which is hard to write to at runtime).
3. See how reloading of these resources could work.


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