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From "Johannes.Katelaan@t-online.de" <Johannes.Katel...@t-online.de>
Subject rendering TIFF with FOP 2.0
Date Wed, 16 Sep 2015 10:14:04 GMT

I have to move my application from FOP 1.1 to FOP 2.0 for generating PDF/A that validates

I have successfully migrated PDF and PDF/A rendering to FOP 2.0. No major problem with that.

But now after migrating to FOP 2.0 the TIFF rendering that happens in the same application
is broken. Unfortunately I can't figure out how to change the code to make it work again.

This ist the first thing that doesn't work anymore:

    protected class MyTiffDocumentHandlerMaker extends TIFFDocumentHandlerMaker {
        public IFDocumentHandler makeIFDocumentHandler(FOUserAgent ua) {

            TIFFDocumentHandler handler = new MyTiffDocumentHandler(color);
            handler.setContext(new IFContext(ua));
            return handler;



1.   makeIFDocumentHandler(FOUserAgent ua) does not exist anymore in TIFFDocumentHandlerMaker
2.   TIFFDocumentHandler has no setContext method anymore.

Here's ist the second thing that doesn't work anymore:

   protected class MyTiffDocumentHandler extends TIFFDocumentHandler {
            BitmapRenderingSettings settings = getSettings();


TIFFConstants does not exist anymore.

Can't I find sample code or documentation somewhere that explains how to do this with FOP

I need to render TIFF. And I need to set resolution, compression and color mode.



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