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From Oskar Berggren <oskar.bergg...@gmail.com>
Subject Fail hard on missing images
Date Thu, 12 May 2016 21:12:22 GMT

Sometimes a document will reference an image that FOP is unable to find.
With FOP 2.0, it will print a SEVERE log and then continue processing the
file, eventually exiting with a regular zero exit code.

Because there may be a significant amount of other logs, and because this
FOP was invoked from a makefile that renders a bunch of documents, it's
easy to miss the log about the missing image. And because FOP appears to
not use a non-zero exit code, the make command will also not complain.

How can I make FOP scream louder on missing images (and perhaps also other
errors)? It could complete processing the file, but crucially I would like
it to exit with a non-zero exit code so that make will stop with an error


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