Incidentally 1.1.30 changelog contains this:

1.1.30 (release in 2017)
  Fix precedence with multiple attribute sets (Nick Wellnhofer),
  Rework attribute set resolution (Nick Wellnhofer)


So apparently that broke something now fixed in 1.1.34 apparently:
There is even test cases so hopefully it will last. :)

Now if only BATIK could fix to avoid broken rendering of many Inkscape SVGs I would be happy...

Den tors 21 nov. 2019 kl 19:35 skrev Thomas Trepl <>:
Am Donnerstag, den 21.11.2019, 19:06 +0100 schrieb Thomas Trepl:
> Hi a,,
> thanks to all of you, Bob, Daniel and Oskar!
> Indeed, it looks like it is an issue with 'xsltproc'.
> ...

Just a follow-up:

I just did some test compiler runs on libxslt and it shows following

WORKS: 1.1.28
WORKS: 1.1.29
FAIL : 1.1.30
FAIL : 1.1.31
FAIL : 1.1.32
FAIL : 1.1.33
WORKS: 1.1.34

So, there were four releases which did not render correctly. During
the test builds I saw that my machine had still 1.1.33 (same on Arch).
Looks like that the bug has been fixed somehow in 1.1.34 but the
distros did not yet picked it up.


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