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From Glen Mazza <grm7...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Something to discuss about the next Batik release
Date Sat, 19 Feb 2005 18:12:16 GMT
--- jeremias@apache.org wrote:
> This is to
> ensure that there are no legal and other delicate
> problems in a release.

other sensitive problems

> What does this mean now? You know that I have the
> idea to separate
> certain components in the FOP (and Batik) codebases
> into a separate
> repository/area which is writable by both teams.
> I've given this some
> thought lately, and now that we have a Subversion
> repository it's
> probably time to get this started. 

I just got Subversion working on my machine yesterday,
and downloaded the committers module.  So I am
comfortable with SVN I guess.  Question:  what within
XML Graphics do we currently have a Subversion
repository for (their URLs)?  Just the XML Graphics

> I'm going to do
> most of the grunt
> work if this is approved and once we've agreed on a
> plan (although help
> is welcome as usual). I'll write up my ideas for a
> plan in the Wiki
> shortly.

Make sure it includes what the PDF Transcoder
dependencies are, also, how we will get FOP to build
once the Transcoder classes are pulled out.

If you want to move FOP completely to SVN at this
time, that would be OK with me also.  Or, FOP can
still be on CVS while the transcoder portion is


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