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From Max Berger <...@berger.name>
Subject ZIP Permissions (Re: [VOTE] Release FOP 0.95)
Date Wed, 06 Aug 2008 07:51:10 GMT

>> I do have one issue with it though (I think this was present in all
>> previous releases, so it may be a bug in the release procedure):  
>> The ZIP
>> file does not contain the right permissions for the execution script
>> (fop). The tgz has these permissions.
> AFAIK, ZIP doesn't support the execution flag. Not sure that this  
> can be
> fixed at all. Or am I wrong?
> Jeremias Maerki

The "original" zip does not, but it does with the "InfoZIP"  
extensions. Since InfoZIP is the ZIP distribution used on most unixes  
(including OS X), these extensions have now become the quasi-standard,  
and are supported in all recent unix-zips (and ant as well). But as I  
said, something to look into for for the next release.


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