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From bugzi...@apache.org
Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 46468] PNG's - warn if resolution can't be determined
Date Wed, 21 Jan 2009 09:04:28 GMT

--- Comment #1 from Max Berger <max@berger.name>  2009-01-21 01:04:27 PST ---
I haven't taken this bug yet as I am still unsure about the proper solution.


getDefaultResulution is called, result stored.
Resultion of image is determined if possible, and overwrites default

The problem:
this happens in multiple different places (PNG is just one). A proper solution
would handle all of them.

We could add the warning to each case, but that would not make much sense.
Instead, a common function should warn, which means:

in each case:
resolution = null;
determine resolution from image;

and fallbackifneeded would do:
if resolution == null
  emit warning
  resolution = defaultResolution.

The problem here: Other calculations, such as the image size, depend on the
resultion being set beforehand. Each of the cases would need to be examined if
the resultion could be safely set AFTER the other image info is parsed.

Second issue: Not all image formats support resultion. 

minor issue: Some images support different x,y resolutions, this should also be
taken into account.


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