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From Nicanor Cristian <deadho...@gmail.com>
Subject extending xmlgraphics-commons
Date Fri, 16 Oct 2009 10:52:45 GMT
Hello everyone!

This is my first email to this group.
I have a couple of questions regarding xmlgraphics-commons (and also
it's integration with fop). Here we go:

I must port some java code that generates pdfs from xslfo to google
application engine. Unfortunately, GAE (google application engine) does
not support javax.imageio classes. My idea is to improve
xmlgraphics-commons in some way, in order to do the same operations, but
using the GAE imaging apis.
Also I would consider as an option the rewriting of the only parts that
are called by fop when converting xslfo to pdf and that are using
javax.imageio classes. What is your advice? How could I accomplish that?
Where could I find some good documentation about the classes?

I took a fast look at the sources and it seemed to me that the classes
using javax.imageio classes reside in the
org.apache.xmlgraphics.image.loader.impl.imageio package only. Is that true?

Thanks a lot,

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