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From bugzi...@apache.org
Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 53077] [PATCH] Format date to make the lengths independent of DST
Date Fri, 13 Apr 2012 20:36:46 GMT

Glenn Adams <gadams@apache.org> changed:

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--- Comment #1 from Glenn Adams <gadams@apache.org> 2012-04-13 20:36:46 UTC ---
Dear rmeyer,

Thanks for your contribution.

ISO/IEC 32000-1:2008 (aka PDF1.7) [1] Section 7.9.4 states:

Date values used in a PDF shall conform to a standard date format, which
closely follows that of the international standard ASN.1 (Abstract Syntax
Notation One), defined in ISO/IEC 8824. A date shall be a text string of the



YYYY shall be the year

MM shall be the month (01–12)

DD shall be the day (01–31)

HH shall be the hour (00–23)

mm shall be the minute (00–59)

SS shall be the second (00–59)

O shall be the relationship of local time to Universal Time (UT), and shall be
denoted by one of the characters PLUS SIGN (U+002B) (+), HYPHEN-MINUS (U+002D)
(-), or LATIN CAPITAL LETTER Z (U+005A) (Z) (see below)

HH followed by APOSTROPHE (U+0027) (') shall be the absolute value of the
offset from UT in hours (00–23)

mm shall be the absolute value of the offset from UT in minutes (00–59)

The prefix D: shall be present, the year field (YYYY) shall be present and all
other fields may be present but only if all of their preceding fields are also
present. The APOSTROPHE following the hour offset field (HH) shall only be
present if the HH field is present. The minute offset field (mm) shall only be
present if the APOSTROPHE following the hour offset field (HH) is present. The
default values for MM and DD shall be both 01; all other numerical fields shall
default to zero values.A PLUS SIGN as the value of the O field signifies that
local time is later than UT, a HYPHEN-MINUS signifies that local time is
earlier than UT, and the LATIN CAPITAL LETTER Z signifies that local time is
equal to UT. If no UT information is specified, the relationship of the
specified time to UT shall be considered to be GMT.

IIUC, you propose to use "+00'00" instead of "Z". I'm wondering if that is
consistent with the above language [PLUS SIGN signifies local time is later
than UT]. Also, I'm wondering if you couldn't simply use "Z00'00", since this
language doesn't exclude this usage. [I'm not sure about interoperability with
this approach though.]

I also wonder why you place a single quote (apostrophe) after the 'mm field in

Finally, we will need a ICLA [2] on file to apply a patch if we can obtain
consensus on applying the 


[1] http://www.iso.org/iso/p.24__main_focus.pdf
[2] http://www.apache.org/licenses/icla.txt

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